Sign your team up now! Games are played on Thursday Nights at 7 and 8pm. Call 530-221-1206 with your team name and roster. You may also submit your info online by clicking the “contact to join” button under league info.

League Info:

  • 5 on 5
  • Matches are 8 minutes long
  • The season is 7 weeks long with each team playing 2 matches per night every week.
  • A Championship and 3rd place game will take place on week 8 (only the top 4 seeds play in week 8).
  • Jump socks included and required for each player.
  • T-shirt for each player on championship roster.
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League Rules:

    • Size:  Up to 8 teams per league.
    • Match: Team goal is to win as many “games” in every match
    • Game: A game is over when all 5 players on one team are OUT.
    • Points: 1 point for every game won. The team with the most points at the end of the Match is the Match winner.
    • Sudden Death: NO ties, a final regular 6 ball game lasting 5 minutes will be played to determine a match winner.


  • Team Fee: $200 Per Team (5 on 5 play – Up to 8 on a Roster)

For a complete list of Dodgeball game rules click HERE!

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